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The Guppies' Recently Published Authors:

Although "Guppies" stands for The Great Unpublished, as a group we are anything but! Our members have experience in many aspects of writing, from authoring non-fiction articles and books, to plays, short stories of all lengths, and novels (mystery, suspense, romance, YA, children's and more).

Wildside Press has published our two anthologies: FISH TALES: The Guppy Anthology and FISH NETS: The Second Guppy Anthology While many of our alumni have written award-winning novels and stories, the current batch of Guppies are also award winners.

To see what your favorite Guppy author has been up to or to discover some great new authors, we’ve created pdf files of our publications. The lists include links to author websites as well as to places you can read or buy the publications themselves.

2013 Guppy Publications

2012 Guppy Publications

2011 Guppy Publications